Student Budget Calculator

Use this calculator to help analyze your budget as a full-time student. This calculator is specifically designed to help students understand their expenses and income while attending a university, college or other full-time educational institution. This calculator allows you to input your expenses and income for an eight-month school year running from September through April.

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Payment Frequency

Each item in your budget can be scheduled to be paid as follows:

Payment frequency Payment Will Happen
Start of school year One payment at the start of the school year
Semester 1 & 2 Two payments. One at the beginning of semester 1, the second at the beginning of semester 2.
Semester 2 One payment at the beginning of semester 2.
Monthly of school year A payment for each month of the school year, September through April
School Expenses

Tuition, textbooks, supplies and related materials, lab fees, library fees, photocopying and other related expenses.

Food and Groceries

Meal plan, groceries, eating out, snacks and other related expenses.

Living Expenses

Residence, electric, cell/pager, Internet, rent, phone, cable, childcare and other living expenses.

Professional Fees

Doctor, dentist, eye care, hair stylist, manicure/pedicure, masseuse/chiropractor, veterinarian, other.

Entertainment and Travel

Going out, movies, movie rental, CD's/DVD's, concerts, travel and other related expenses.


Purchases, cleaning, repair and other related expenses.


Personal, credit cards and other related expenses.

Contributions and Gifts

Charity, church and other related expenses.

Savings and Investments

Savings towards short-term goals, savings towards long-term goals, other savings.


Membership dues, postage, health club, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, any other expenses.

Personal Toiletries

Hair care products (shampoo, etc.), body care products (razors, etc.), facial care products (make-up, etc.), prescription drugs/vitamins and other related expenses.


Bus/Subway pass, car payments, gas/oil, licensing, visits home, insurance, maintenance and other related expenses.

Contributions and Income

Scholarships, fellowships/grants, other aid (such as federal loans), available savings, educational savings plans, family contributions, expected wages/tips, other income/assets.